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Manufacturing vehicle specific rear 2" receiver hitches for ATVs. Look at our ATV Hitches page for more info.







LEED Engineering, LLC.
Receiver Solutions Division
420 14th Avenue West
Ashland, WI 54806
(715) 682-8330


LEED Engineering's Receiver Solutions Division designs and manufactures innovative ATV 2" Receiver Hitches. Our products not only enhance the looks of your vehicle, but more importantly, the VERSATILITY of your ATV.

Each Receiver Hitch is manufactured using the finest materials and the most advanced processes. To provide a durable, corrosion resistant finish, our hitches are Media Blasted, then Powder Coated. Every product is individually inspected. Quality will not be sacrificed to save a few dollars.

Installation is quick and simple with instructions and hardware provided with every 2" ATV Receiver Hitch.



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